Punchy advice

Kiefer Sutherland has rarely had cause to be happy with the consequences of clumping someone round the chops. Why only a couple of months back he (allegedly) nutted a fashion designer, and that (allegedly) didn't go down too well.

Well maybe things are turning around for Sutherland's regular outbursts of physical violence, as Robert Knepper, who played the creepy Texan paedophile on Prison Break and is now on the cast of Heroes, has praised his punching ability for saving his career.

'Ten or 15 years ago, Kiefer used to go to the same gym as me. I remember telling him that I wanted to quit. It was before Prison Break and I couldn't find any work and I wanted to quit.

'He f**king punched me! He punched me so hard. He told me, “Don't you ever give up!” and I thank Kiefer every day for that advice.' Don't try that at home kids.

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