Public enemy no 1

Simon Cowell is taking some heat off Gordon Brown this morning by declaring himself 'public enemy number one.' The X Factor row over the talentless twins' stay of execution versus Lucie being booted out, has seen 3000 people complain to OfCom. (That's approx 2,998 more than originally complained about Sachsgate). The X Factor website was temporarily shut down due to the volume of angry comments.

Well Mr Nasty wants you to know that he stands by his decision. "I'm going to get a lot of flak for my decision. I'll be public enemy No 1. People always like to disagree with me but I know this will be more controversial than usual. There will be people who are Lucie fans and think she should have been given a chance."

Is Simon's plan to make another great wad of cash marketing Jedward working? Yes it is, and better still, it's getting great ratings in the process; this is the most entertaining X Factor yet.

While it was a shame that someone as talented as Lucie got voted out, Simon's mercenary stance that she wasn't going to win it anyway is spot on. Traditionally, it's the losers who are more successful on reality shows than the winners anyway.

And that's our final word. (Until Saturday.)

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