Public appetite for Hairy Bikers diet show

The BBC’s popular cookery stars the Hairy Bikers are carrying their audience into the bookshops. Their latest book, a spin-off from their new series The Hairy Dieters, has become a bestseller.

The new series follows a change of lifestyle for the Bikers, Si King and Dave Myers, as they attempt to shed the excess weight accrued during their gourmet years. It seems to have struck a chord with their following. The book has sold 150,000 copies in the first two weeks since publication.

Amazon has been inundated with orders for the book. "The appeal of the Hairy Bikers seems to lie in their no-nonsense approach to weight loss," Darren Hardy, books manager at amazon.co.uk, told The Guardian. "We have seen a steady increase in sales since their TV series began in early August. "We'd expect to see public interest remain high as the series comes to an end.

The series was something of a gamble for the Bikers. Their previous shows have put the accent on hearty British cooking, and have featured plenty of conspicuous consumption of dishes that might have been delicious but were hardly health-conscious.

The new show attempts to demonstrate that healthy food need not be tasteless or grim. Instead they show ways to make favourites like curries or pies in a more diet-friendly manner. They have managed to lose three stone each over the series. "We're delighted and thrilled that people have taken the programme in the spirit in which it was intended," the Bikers said. "You can still have a pint and enjoy your food."

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