Pub or son? Son or Pub?

Successful A-lister: check. Rich: check. Good-looking: check. Charming Dublin accent: check. Funny: check. Full head of hair: check. What exactly do the ladies see in Colin Farrell....?

Although undeniably a fine acting talent too, Colin Farrell’s career has been secondary when it comes to column inches thanks to his notorious party boy image, (he's also done a sex tape). On Friday Colin told Jonathon Ros all about his hellraising days, insisting they are now behind him, as is his well documented battle with the booze:

‘There were times when I was with my son’ Colin told Wossy ‘...and I was wondering how long do I to be with him before the people around think I’ve done a decent job so I can get pissed’.

Colin Farrell has two children; James aged 6 year and Henry aged 5 months. Watch the full interview below...

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