Protesting too much?

The nation's favourite ex-cage fighter, Alex Reid, has addressed the rumours that he's a hen-pecked husband who lives in fear of his tyrant spouse Katie Price. We think he might be protesting a little too much - it's sadly clear to all who watch Katie and Alex's car crash show from behind the sofa, that Reid is firmly pinned under the marital thumb.

Alex told The Daily Mail, 'People have been saying I come across as henpecked in our show Katie & Alex: For Better, For Worse, and that is fine - I guess I am! But the important thing is, it's only when I want to be - I allow Katie to do it! I know we joked on the show that I was under her thumb, but it doesn't bother me if people think that. I'd say we both wear the trousers. I will give way to her if it makes her happy but if it is something that really matters to me, I will put my foot down. I think most men are like that.'

Brace yourselves for the inevitable cash-in book - 'Alex Reid's tips for a happy marriage'...

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