Princess gets the brush off

Fergie’s daughter, Princess Eugenie, has graced the cover of Tatler magazine to mark her 18th birthday and, well, she looks really great – but maaaybe a little too great.

We’re all used to a little bit of airbrushing here and there to get rid of the odd spot and maybe bags under some tired eyes – but in this picture they seem to have gone a little overboard.

Not happy with brushing out the odd blemish, they seem to have reworked Eugenie’s facial features as well. The finished product: an “unbelievably” beautiful, but unrecognisable Eugenie. 

There’s no harm in magazines wanting people to look their best, but quite often the person with their face on the cover looks more cyborg than human. It’s really no wonder that magazines are accused of affecting women’s self-esteem. Girls are shown images of women that don’t exist, that they feel they have to live up to. Don’t know about you – we’ve never seen pore-less, matt-skinned, skinny ladies like this on the street.

Oh wait! We have – they’re all standing in shop windows...

(Image: from YouTube)

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