Prince is boy George

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stayed within the tradition of royal names when choosing what to call their baby boy. The prince was named George Alexander Louis, combining popular names from the British, Russian and French imperial rulers. When he eventually ascends the throne he will be George VII. It is unlikely that he will be known as Boy George.

Naming a royal prince is always fraught with protocol, especially when the prince will one day be king. George was a choice that was always going to win favour with the Queen, being the name of her father. Although, actually it is more complicated than that as George VI's real name was Albert, as fans of The King's Speech will know. He chose to be King George simply because King Albert sounded a little vulgar.

The other names also have connections with the British Royal Family. Alexander, as well as being popular with the Royals' Tsar cousins a century ago, was also a common name for Scottish kings in medieval times.

Louis was the name of Lord Mountbatten who was close to Prince Charles, who called him, for some reason "Uncle Dickie". Louis Alexander was also the name of Prince Philip's grandfather from the Battenberg dynasty (they vied with the French Bourbons and the Italian Garibaldi family for mastery of Europe's cake and biscuit market in the 19th century).

George also happens to be quite a popular name among the plebs. George was the 12th most popular name for boys born in England and Wales in 2011, dropping three places from ninth the previous year. Pregnant royalists are likely to push the name back into the top ten for 2013 births.

Bookmakers William Hill paid out a six figure sum to customers who had bet on George as a name, although they took in a tidy sum from those who had gambled on a girl, due to the long pregnancy.

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