Prince Irie?

Reggae fans will already be familiar with the work of Prince Far-I. Now they might have to come to terms with the stylings of Prince Har-I, as the third in line to the British throne threatens to become a reggae DJ.

Like every trustafarian public school boy who has ever spent a week in Jamaica, Prince Harry really, really loved the reggae music, yah. Being a prince though, he got to meet Rita Marley. The Sun takes up the story, quoting a "source".

"Harry has always been interested in music," the publicist, sorry the "source" told the newspaper, "but Jamaica was a real eye opener. He started looking into reggae as soon as he got back to the UK. Meeting Rita Marley was a great inspiration too. She seems to have had a big impact on him."

Apparently Harry, who up to now has devoted his musical enthusiasms to buying loads of house 12-inchers, is now spending his cash on specialist reggae imports from online stores. Well, it’s a step up from spending it on Nazi fancy-dress outfits.

The prince is also planning to spin a few of his new tunes for his posh chums, although it’s probably not going to become his day job. The source said, "He's unlikely to ever DJ in public — but if he did it'd be the party of the year."

In the meantime, Harry might like to have a word with whoever is organising his Royal Gran’s Diamond Jubilee party. Reggae acts are conspicuous by their absence from the line-up.

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