Prince Harry questioned by police

First, there were reports of a Royal involved in a sex and drug scandal. Now there’s a suggestion that another has been involved in a gun incident.

A blinged-up Harry, rap music in the background, firing off rounds in a North London estate… it was not. Well, not quite, but the incident did happen on an estate. 

Prince Harry has been questioned by police about the shooting of an endangered Hen Harrier.  It is believed that there are only 20 of them left in the UK. If Harry is found guilty, he could face fines of up to £10,000, 6 months in prison or a stern telling-off from Grandma: patron of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

A statement from Clarence House says: ‘Because Prince Harry and a friend were both in the area at the time, the police have been in contact with them and asked them if they have any information that could help. Unfortunately, they had no knowledge of the incident.’

Lucky that.

(Image: from jurvetson’s Flickr stream) 

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