Pricey's weekend of misery

Poor old Pricey will be nursing her wounded pride today, as her single sold a measly 3,000 copies and shot to number 60 in the charts. Katie also had a humiliating experience plugging the wretched song, entitled 'Free to Love Again'.

Only a few days after her hilariously awful performance on GMTV, where she stole Kylie's voice, Katie got up on stage at 'Mayhem' nightclub in Essex to wow the crowds. Unfortunately what happened was less Kylie in her heyday, and more Alan Partridge at Linton Travel tavern, when his keyboard breaks down mid-way through his 'pilot' chat show (the one where Sue Cook pulls out).

A cringing bystander told The Sun, 'It got a bit embarrassing when the track was skipping. Everyone then knew she was miming but she just carried on. She just got on with attempting to sing the song even though it wasn't a hit with the people there.' A loyal spokesperson said, 'This isn't the end of Jordan's music career. Nothing is planned for the future but she will sing again. She saw this as a hobby and will continue to do so.'

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