Pricey's regret over 'love of her life' Pete

The rumours are true - Katie Price is still in love with Peter Andre. Okay, he's an orange faced moron with fewer brain cells than an aubergine, but he's 'her' moron. Okay?

A pal told The Mirror, 'Katie ­obviously has feelings for Alex, but in her eyes he will never compare to Peter, who she calls the love of her life. She rushed into the Vegas wedding and she and Alex both felt it would be nice to renew their vows in a traditional church service. But the nearer they get to the date the less interested Katie becomes. She just keeps going on about when she married Pete and how it was the ­‘perfect day’. For her it was a real-life fairytale and ­exactly how she’d always imagined her big day. She even keeps the magazines and pores over them when Alex is out.'

Could we be about to witness a genuine cult TV moment, where 'our Pete' rushes in to halt the wedding, and the orange pair (Andre and Price that is) fall into each others arms? We do hope so. Ooh, perhaps Reid was employed by ITV2 producers as a plot device - a mere diversion before the climactic reunion. Place your bets now, people.

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