Pricey's 'Project Reidination' falls at first hurdle

Life on plant Pricey is currently not a happy one. All Katie Price wanted was to be impregnated (or Reidinated as the busty one so tastefully puts it) by her loving husband Alex Reid, in time for the launch of her new baby clothes range. Not so much to ask is it? But apparently the cagefighter has failed to fulfil his side of the bargain. Men, eh?

A source told the The Sunday Mirror, 'She’s turning getting ­pregnant into a military operation – calling it the ‘Reidination Project’. But she thinks he’s falling short. She is even ­demanding he give up his career as a fighter to concentrate on building a family. She is blaming Alex, saying that he must have a low sperm count. He’s confident that he’s firing on all cylinders, but he’s not keen to have a sperm count test because he’s scared of how Katie would react if it came back low.

'She was expecting to fall pregnant before launching her Katie Price babywear range last week, but that date’s now passed, so she’s becoming frustrated to the point of putting their marriage in danger. Alex is hurt that what is meant to be a loving, natural ­process is now all about ­fitting it in with her diary – it’s no more than a non-­emotional sh** in a boardroom, rather than a ­bedroom.'

Poor Alex Reid, he thought he was marrying a coy and retiring lady, but it transpires that his wife is (shock), rather fame hungry. Who knew?

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