Pricey's hubby mix up

Now, we know that Katie Price isn't the sharpest of all the celebrity tools, but even we were surprised that she managed to get the name of her husband mixed up - referring to Pete, instead of the new one, Alex. Surely she pays a flunky to remember this sort of information? Katie was appearing on This Morning to discuss the likelihood of the UK sharing nuclear deterrents with France. Just kidding! She was on the sofa with Holly and Schofe to talk about the equally vital topics of kiddies make up, and plans for her second wedding.

The gaffe came when Katie was talking about the impending bash and referred to 'mine and Pete' quickly backtracking, saying 'I mean, mine and Alex...'. She went on to discuss plans for having another baby, 'His fighter name is Reidinator, so you know when you say pregnated (sic) so like I’ve been Reidinated!'

Yes, hilarious Katie. 'So we are trying for a baby. I can’t wait. Yeah, I can’t wait.' We hate a put a downer on such a beautiful union, but you sound a little like you're trying to convince yourself there...

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