Pricey's 'honeymoon from hell'

There are times when, against our better judgement, we feel sincere sympathy for Katie Price. Okay, so she's built a million pound empire on the back of a pair of breasts, some cynical manipulation and the selling of herself and her family to ITV2. But still...

Pricey was on her honeymoon at one of those 'holiday of a lifetime' locations with her new husband Alex Reid. At all times on the holiday, the pair had to be hidden to prevent other paps recording what is 'exclusive' content, to be aired on 'Katie and Alex: For Better, For Worse.' According to her friends, including ex-celebrity Dane Bowers, the pair are already miserable, having realised that they have nothing in common (apart from having alarmingly hued tans).

Chatty Dane told an equally talkative friend, 'Katie is really down in the dumps. She said Alex is beyond boring and that she can’t wait to come home. I always know when she’s unhappy because that’s when she starts texting me to have a moan and tell me what’s up. From the sound of it, things don’t seem to be going very well for them at all.'

Another pal claimed, 'Katie called and said, ‘I’m bored. It’s not going well’. She said she’s not used to spending 24 hours a day on her own with Alex. Usually, they have the kids with them. They act like a glue, giving them something to talk about. But being on their own seems to be shining a huge spotlight on the cracks in their ­relationship. They had nowhere to go and no one to talk to but each other. It made them realise how little they have in common. They couldn’t even be bothered to fake it for the cameras. It should have been the ­holiday of a lifetime – but turned into the honeymoon from hell.'

Perhaps Kerry Katona's prediction of a one-year marriage might prove to be wildly optimistic...

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