'Pricey' slams the wedding naysayers

They married in a 'simple and intimate ceremony' that had absolutely nothing to do with garnering press attention and down- market magazine covers. So Katie and her cage fighting tran were horrified when the minister who performed the ceremony, Reverend Mose Henney, was revealed as not having the authority to do so.

But fear not, the orange pair have now hit back with the biggest weapon in their armory (other than Katie's boobs) - a press release. The Daily Mail reports: 'Following the revelations in the press over the past couple of days regarding the validity of Katie and Alex's wedding, we would like to state that the marriage is 100 per cent legitimate and legal. The Wynn, where they married...have confirmed that Reverend Mose Henney, who conducted the wedding ceremony, is legally authorised to perform marriage ceremonies.'

So that's settled then. Now let's leave the two to enjoy their blissful union...

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