Pricey laments her 'duck face'

It's been a whole two days since Katie Price's last significant piece of news; her single, 'Free to Love Again' charted at number 60 in the charts - and the inflated star has clearly been missing the limelight. So the star's PR team have leapt into action, releasing various quotes about how unhappy Pricey is with her recent surgery.

The Daily Mail reports that Price has told friends, 'The children are calling me Daffy Duck and laughing at my puffy pillow face. Blown-up red lips, long dark hair and make-up. I do look like a duck.' Another pal confirmed, 'Katie thinks she looks like a cartoon character. She tries to laugh it off, but she knows she looks a state. She’s desperate to have the fillers dissolved and wants them out of her face.

And lo and behold - the next reality series will chart Katie Price's dramatic and emotional return to a more natural look, complete with 20 hour surgery and pieces to camera with a bruised face. Mark. Our. Words.

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