Pricey: Kerry must Katone for her sins

The Katona/Price/Andre merry-go-round of bitchy columns in tabloid weeklies, followed by 'close friends' of the desperate trio furiously rebutting stories of drug abuse/bad mothering skills seemed to benefit all concerned - after all, they're getting paid for 'writing' this tripe. But not for much longer if Katie gets her way - she wants to throw Katona off the gravy train, and has called in the lawyers. Apparently, she wants to keep her kids away from Kerry, after Katona's latest round of slanderous comments in OK! magazine.

A helpful source clarified, 'She doesn’t want her kids to be near Kerry. What with Kerry attacking her in articles - not to mention her dubious track record - she’s the last person she really wants her kids to be socialising with. Kate is just bemused that Kerry keeps name-dropping her in articles and columns. It’s really sad that she hasn’t got anything original to say of her own. It seems that the only way she can get publicity is by talking about Kate.'

Good point, whereas Katie Price is an original thinker on a par with Nietzsche...

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