Pricey gushes about 'Daddy Alex'

Wow, when Katie Pricewants to stick the knife in, she really goes for it. Not unlike a 10 year old in the school playground being mercilessly mean, but in the most obviously crass and puerile way - you end up feeling quite sorry for her. Ah, Pricey.

According to Perez Hilton Katie thinks that her cagefighting beau is simply the bees knees at being a dad: 'Harvey likes to know there’s a man about the house. They all actually call him Daddy Alex now. And they call his parents Grandma Carol and Grandpa Bob. Alex is Daddy Alex, and it’s all good because when me and Alex have one, it will be less confusing for them.

Got that Pete? No? Pricey hammers it home with her usual hamfisted approach: 'They don’t just call him Daddy. He’s Daddy Alex. The kids get on with him really well and I’m pleased about that. I wouldn’t have married Alex otherwise. They have someone they can look up to in Alex.'

As we said, not big on subtlety...

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