Pricey gets philosophical

Katie Price returned from her honeymoon this week, and rushed straight into the nearest TV studio, to get her hourly fix of attention from the cameras. Perhaps the boredom of a week spent soley in the company of Alex Reid and some goons from ITV2 had focused her mind, as Katie was in a philosophical mood. She admitted that she is 'a product' and sells her life for entertainment.

Katie 'revealed' in a Sky News interview, 'It's the public and all of my fans that keep me going - there's obviously still an interest in me. I am a product, but I do have the final say in what I do. I don't want to be a goody two shoes all the time. It's a three part series - the before, the wedding and the honeymoon. But obviously after Alex's fight we'll go away for two weeks and have a proper honeymoon. It [the honeymoon] was part of the TV thing but I still enjoyed it, it was still good.'

Whatever next in this bout of celebrity honesty? Peter Andre admitting his life is an empty merry-go-round of ghost written columns feasting on the carcus of his ex-marriage?

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