Price on the run

What to do when you've dumped your husband, but the little pest just refuses to vacate the marital home? Why, buy an entirely new house, of course! This is the solution that Katie Price has jumped to, after realising that her ex is determined to milk his last five minutes of fame and marriage.

A source close to Price told The Mirror, 'Alex doesn’t look to be going anywhere fast. Kate has contacted Hamptons International and told them to step-up all efforts to sell the marital home. Until then, she will stick it out in separate quarters to Alex. It is all very awkward. The secret country house she bought last year is not ready to move into yet. Her step-dad’s been working hard on it, her riding partner, Andrew Gould, is using the stables and builders are working around the clock. Once she moves in, Alex cannot follow.'

Last week Alex released a statement saying, 'There is a realistic prospect that the relationship may come to an end.' Hmm, a little tardy perhaps...

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