Price is 'stitching me up'

It looks like the rumours about Alex Reid being a cross-dresser can be safely dismissed as a load of old rubbish cooked up by Katie Price and her ‘people’ - if one takes the standard line of ‘don’t believe anything Jordan says to the press’. It’s usually the right line to take.

According to The Sun Reid has been complaining to an ex-girlfriend that Price is trying to ‘stitch him up’ for both publicity and to make it easier to dump him, although why anyone would need an excuse that big in order to dump someone isn’t entirely clear, and seems just a touch sociopathic.

‘Katie's stitching me up,’ Reid said to Danielle Sims. ‘She told the papers I'm a cross-dresser to make me look like a freak. I'm sure she did it so that when she dumps me people won't blame her.

‘We've been arguing a lot and I'm sure she's about to dump me. She's had enough of me and is already getting in the cheap shots. I didn't realise she could be so ruthless. I'm just a fly in her trap.’ This whole story is very odd indeed. Why are they conducting their rows through friends, PRs and the press?

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