'Pretty please?'

There we were thinking that the etiquette for crashing other people's weddings was to wait to be invited, when Becks goes and says that he'll ASK to come to Prince William and Kate M's bash. Cheeky munchkin.

Becks put the feelers out in the Daily Mail, saying, 'I grew up in a family that was passionate about the royal family and a royal wedding will be fantastic for the whole country. I haven’t asked for an invitation yet, but maybe if we win the bid I will.’ That's the 2018 World Cup bid: (Prince William is the head of the Football Association.)

Something tells us that Posh n Becks will be on the invite list anyway, regardless of their high profile plea. What kind of celebrity wedding would it be if they weren't? We fully expect to see Elton providing the evening's musical entertainment too.

Hang on, breaking news: Russia has won the World Cup Bid. Um, William, can Becks come anyway?

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