Preston is soooo last year

A few months ago, Chantelle was hopelessly in love with reality cad Preston, moping around, pictured by the paps looking folorn, waiting for her ex-husband to decide if he wanted her back. Well, folks, this is celebrity-land, where things move at lightning-speed. Now Chantelle is happily coupled up with One Show presenter Rav Wilding.

According to the Daily Mail Rav admitted that he'd fallen for the ditsy celeb, saying, 'Chantelle was so much nicer than I imagined - a lovely surprise. We're really good friends already. She's such a laugh, we didn't kiss until the fifth date.' Chantelle was equally gushing, 'This has all been perfect. A man has never held open a door for me, let alone cooked me dinner! He looks after me. If I could have written down the type of guy I'd like to be with, it would be exactly Rav.'

And Chantelle insisted that her old flame Preston has been entirely forgotten, 'I feel numb towards him, I feel like I don't even know him. It's a weird situation, but going back on Big Brother was the best thing I did to realise it wasn't ever right, ever.'

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