President Obama tears up Jay Leno

Proving that he's just about as media friendly a President as they come, President Barack Obama appeared on the Jay Leno Show last night.

The show, which regularly draws in audiences of 5 million punters or more, saw its fourth highest ratings ever after the President had rolled into town.

Obama looked as at ease on the nightly chat show as he would kicking back in his own front room, and made the canned laughter style audience howl with canned laughter at a number of lighthearted anecdotes. He then moved onto more dreary subjects like worldwide econcomic misery.

The highlight of the interview however was when Obama cracked a funny about the Presidency being 'a little bit like 'American Idol' only 'everyone is Simon Cowell'. A clever reality TV simile on PrimeTime TV - now that's how to win hearts and minds.

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