PR Alchemy

The Beckhams didn't just become the most famous couple in the world by chance, the star-spangled pair are adept at PR alchemy - turning a negative piece of news to their advantage. The latest vice girl scandal is a fine example - Becks has 'vowed' to hand any legal winnings over to charity, creating PR gold out of iron ore (or something simililarly rubbish).

A friend of the Beckhams told The Daily Mail, 'Any cash retrieved from this liar will help sick kids. David doesn't want a penny of this woman's dirty money. But that doesn't mean some good can't come out of this. She certainly won't be profiting out of trying to ruin a high-profile family. She's finished.'

However Nici, the vice girl at the centre of the allegations, hit back, saying, 'I very much look forward to my day in court and the opportunity to tell the truth. I will be completely vindicated and Mr Beckham will be seen for the manipulative whore he is.'

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