Potter Actress stands up to Letterman

Harry Potter actress Emma Watson turned around a potentially awkward situation on the Late Show with David Letterman when asked her to comment on her co-star’s alleged alcohol issues.

The 21-year-old is currently in the States to promote ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2’ which is released on Friday; when Letterman broached the subject of Daniel Radcliffe’s drinking problem, she demurely responded: ’To be honest, it's really not something that I genuinely know anything about. He is the one to talk to about it.’ Adding, ‘As far as I know, he never took a sick day, he was always the most professional [and] amazing guy.’

America’s most famous talk show host then continued to question her about her own experiences with alcohol much to her discomfort. But Hogwarts’ finest held her own, admitting: ‘I have tried spirits, of course I've tried spirits. We drink at 18 in the UK. I'm actually legal to drink here now - it's worth mentioning I'm 21.’

When Letterman still didn’t let up, exasperated Watson exclaimed, ‘Oh... this is so - I can't. I'm dying here! Can we move on? I don't want to talk about this!’ Rather than being defeated though, the young star started laughing before declaring: ’Have I ever had anything to drink? Yes. Yes I have. I've got very, very drunk once in my life - as everyone does!’ And as if she hadn’t already won over the hearts of the audience she performed a beautifully executed bow, leaving Letterman with nothing to do but applaud!

See the video for yourself.

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