Posh's new pal

Vicky's got a new pal. Sick of hearing TomKat spout on about Scientology, Mrs B has sparked up a new friendship with fellow Brit abroad - Kate Beckinsale.

The pair were snapped recently taking in a spot of US culture at the Getty museum - luxury offspring and Kate's hubby Len Wiseman in tow. Flying the flag for Brit celebs in The Wood both gals sported customary large insect sunglasses, high heels and expensive leather bags packed to the hilt with designer bits and bobs.

We can't begin to wonder what course the conversation took for the unlikely threesome. The price of a decent sliced white in LA? Len's jeans being a touch too tight round the crotchal region for Posh's liking?

Only jostling. We're pleased as punch Posh seems to be widening her social circle. It's not often the first lady of football gets to enjoy a nice cultural day out in good company. The two Lady B's - we hope you're very happy together!

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