Posh gets chatty

Call us cynical, but something tells us that Posh has been sat down by her advisors and told that this month is the one where she 'does accessible'. We can see the thinking - there she is looking all pouty and moody, and unfeasibly elegant, which is great, but not endearing. She's no Cheryl - though Chezza seems to be going somewhat overboard in the sympathy stakes at the moment. So Posh, has, in the space of a week, been pictured tipsy and hungover. And now, she's got all chatty with the tabloids! Something's up.

Posh told The Mirror, 'Unfortunately, you get used to ridiculous rumours and you just have to ignore them. But the thing is, when you have children, you don’t want them to hear hurtful stories. That is why it’s upsetting. Of course we are not splitting up; we are as in love, if not more in love, than ever. We are best friends. We never put pressure on each other.'

Discussing Nice airport/hangover-gate (as nobody calls it) she said,'It was our 11th wedding anniversary at the weekend and we celebrated it in style. People assume I don’t drink but I’m only human and I can get pissed and have hangovers, like everybody else. But it was a fabulous party.'

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