Posh brands Cheryl's fashion career 'a joke'

Victoria Beckham has branded Cheryl Cole's attempts to break into the fashion world as 'PR stunt' following the launch of the Girls Aloud singer's shoe designs at London Fashion Week.

Cole made her first foray into the fashion world via StylistPick.com but Heat magazine reports that Beckham was none to impressed with her efforts commenting that the former X Factor judge should 'stick to doing talent shows'.

Cole and Beckham appeared to be best friends during the 2006 World Cup when they travelled to Germany with the rest of the England WAGS, but there appears to be no love lost between the pair now according to an unnamed source that spoke to Heat magazine.

'Victoria has spent years trying to distance herself from the world of the WAGS that she and Cheryl inhabited when they were friends during the 2006 World Cup,' the mole said.

'She[Beckham]'s fought tooth and nail to be respected in the fashion world of high fashion (and leave the hair extensions and Juicy Couture behind), and last week she was the toast of New York Fashion Week.'

The source continued putting the boot into Cole: 'Now she feels as if Cheryl is trying to piggy back on all of her hard work. She knows that her name will be mentioned every time Cheryl designs something, and she doesn't want that.'

'Victoria thinks Cheryl's range is just a PR stunt and that she's an amateur. It's not that she feels threatened, it's just that she's worked really hard to be accepted in the highest fashion circles.'

Speaking to The Guardian last week Cole made it clear that the launch of her shoe designs could be the start of a new career in fashion.

However, the 28-year-old singer claimed that she wouldn't be Beckham's direct competitor as her clothes 'appealed to a younger market whereas Posh's clothes are too old.'

Meow. It appears that we could soon have a catfight on our hands.

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