Posh and Paris - lock horns in London

Although there could never be any clear winner in a fashion battle between Paris and Posh - they stepped into the ring and limbered up regardless.

The 'fashionistas' came horn to horn in London this week as they promoted fashion ranges in the capital. Paris stopped traffic on Oxford Street to flog bottles of new perfume 'Can Can' in Selfridges, while Posh headed down river to Harrods to see if she couldn't shift some of her DVB jeans - having failed to get rid of any in LA.

Hilton, wearing a white Christian Louboutin dress with a white wire mesh sculpture on her head, no coat, and a Madden on her arm, looked perfectly ridiculous.

Posh, wearing DVB flares, a black top with squiqqly shapes moulded into the bust, and no Dave in sight, managed a half smile while agreeing to meet fans - only on the condition they cough up for something from her range between the 9-15th May.

Nothing compared to Hilton's cunning. She's had a much cleverer marketing strategy on the boil for a couple of weeks now. How better to reach the masses than with a series of gripping 'infomercials' on You Tube about your products.

Posh might have won Harrods, but Paris has won the web. Tense times.

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