Posh and Becks leaving LA?

The Beckham's want out. Posh and Becks have expressed how disillusioned they are with the American dream of late and have come to the conclusion that maybe Hollywood isn't a leafy oasis at the end rainbow after all......

Becks has spent most of his debut season on the bench for L.A Galaxy - and has had enough of being so far away from home and family. And Posh's exclusive jeans brand has come in a lame horse in the sales game. She only managed to push 7.5 mill of a predicted 25 mill - which might explain why she was doing some 'subtle marketing' off her own backstage at the Spice Girls O2 concert. Number one mistake if you ask us Vics, the jeans are nice enough - but flogging them in the fattest nation on earth? Apart from Lady B and the odd skinny bilinky like Kate Moss - who can actually squeeze into them?!

Might be time for Posh to put herself out to pasture. But is Victoria ready to admit defeat at the hands of meany party pooper Uncle Sam? And will anyone buy Dave out of his contract?

Seems hanging out with a load of Scientology crackpots like TomKat in the Hollywood hills isn't such fun after all. Time to admit defeat and come crawling back to Blighty DVB!

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