Police caution 'BGT fix' culprit

When an anomymous document surfaced just before the Britain's Got Talent finals, purporting to be a behind-the-scenes expose of the reality show, and the extent of Cowell's evil manipulation, the world went barmy for, well, at least an hour. The document, apparently written by a Sony exec, went 'viral', with everyone believing that 11 year old Ronan had been cynically 'groomed' for stardom. Well, it turned out to the work of a depressed blogger, and the police have now cautioned him.

According to The Daily Mail, the blogger at the centre of the allegations wrote to Cowell to apologise. He said, 'I am deeply ashamed to admit to being the perpetrator of the recent Britain's Got Talent 'fix' crisis. Firstly, I would like to offer my sincerest and unreserved apologies to anyone who read that document and for all the distress and hurt I've caused to so many people. But in particular, Ronan Parke and his family, Mr Simon Cowell, SyCo, Sony Music and everyone associated with BGT. What I did was wrong and I have no excuse for my actions.'

The Metropolitan Police told the paper, 'A 52-year-old man has accepted a caution under the Malicious Communications Act. No further action is being taken.'

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