Polanski would 'be missing'

Jamie Foxx has said that sex offender Roman Polanski would ‘be missing’ if he had done the things to his daughter that he did to Samantha Geimer (the sordid details of which have been all over the press the last few weeks).

‘If it had been my daughter who was barely a teenager - my daughter is 15 - Roman Polanski would be missing... period. It wouldn't even get to the court case,’ he said, before lamely adding: ‘but, that's me and I wouldn't want anyone else to follow that because you should let the justice system work it out.’

While he makes a slightly off-key appeal to vigilantism, Foxx is at least one of the few Hollywood people who hasn’t tried to explain how Polanski's artistic status and having his wife killed by Charles Manson followers means that we should give lee-way to someone drugging and then forcing sex on a 13-year-old girl. So, it's progress of a sort.

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