Please!!! NO!!!!

If you thought Jedward’s performances on The X-Factor were best watched with hands over the face whilst hiding behind the sofa, then count yourself lucky: the comedy duo have announced that they want to write and record their first single. Gulp.

Breaking the bad news to the Daily Star John or Edward said: ‘I would like to release a song that's not kind of this fad song that everyone's gonna say, 'Oh it's John & Edward, they're coming out with a song because there's all this hype about The X Factor’.

‘We need to do a proper song and it's about having a song that's different to everything else in the rest of the world.’

‘Everyone is writing about the same thing, like girls and love. We want something that is completely outside of the box, that no-one else is thinking of, because that is the type of songs that people want to listen to.’

‘They don't want to listen to the same boring song. They want to listen to something that is up-tempo and something that sounds unique and different. That’s the type of song you need to write.’

Writing on their Twitter feed (@planetjedward) last week, John or Edward revealed that they leave a voicemail on their phone when they think of a song. Thank God they've been signed by the credible Louis Walsh. No, hang on.

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