Please, make it stop

Will this infernal feud between the dual non-entities of Peter Andre and Alex Reid ever end? It doesn’t look like it. This week it’s been Reid’s turn to have a pop at Andre, who is outraged at Andre’s pop at him for some incredibly tiresome reason or another... ah yes, he called his marriage to Katie Price ‘a joke’. Christ, since when has it become acceptable for men to chuck around bitchy barbs like this in public? It’s most unbecoming.

‘People have been asking me what I think about Peter saying my marriage is a joke and his recent claims that led to false reports that Katie banned him from seeing Harvey,’ said Reid in terrifying rag Star magazine. ‘He is the father of two of Katie’s kids and for that reason I am not going to say too much, but it seems a bit of a coincidence that his comments come when he is promoting a new show.

‘I think it is sad that people seem more interested in him slagging off Katie than what he is doing. My marriage to Katie is fantastic. I love and respect her, as she does me. I wish Peter all the best and hope we reach the stage soon where he does not need to denigrate my wife or my marriage to make headlines.’

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