Please give us some news, Francine

Francine Cornell, the dancer who love rat Ronan Keating risked his marriage for, and who he apparently claimed he would ditch his wife for has come out of hiding somewhere abroad, and has predictably had the tabloids all over her. Check out the Mirror, for instance, who have clearly been trawling her hometown of Leeds looking for someone, anyone to talk to. Hot news though; she turned up at a charity darts night – looking nice! Wow.

‘The message was relayed back to Francine that Ronan was trying to make his marriage work,’ said some source or other to the tabloid ‘She accepts this.’ Meanwhile the paper managed to get a rather short interview with one of the poor girls’ relatives, who gave a typically Yorkshire style response to the whole affair – it’ll be rayt.

‘She is just getting on with her life,’ said the unnamed relative. ‘She is not keeping a low profile, she’s been busy working. She has been out with friends for dinner at a charity event. She doesn’t want to say anything. She’s very well and has got a strong supportive family and everything is great. She’s not interested in making any sort of comment whatsoever. I’m sure there’s more important things happening in the world.

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