Platt's Entertainment!

When the Eastender's live show was hailed as a brave risk and a genre defining soap moment (despite a few gaff-tastic pieces of acting) clearly the producers of Corrie were watching. It's surely no coincidence that now Corrie has come up with its own boundary pushing idea. In a piece of ITV cross- fertilisation, the dysfunctional Platt family are going to share their woes with the King of misery - Jeremy Kyle.

Corrie's Graeme Proctor, played by Craig Gazey told the Daily Mail: 'We're going to do it exactly how people do it. My character is quite funny and may come out with silly things but we're not doing it for a laugh. We want it to be as if the characters were on Jeremy Kyle. I like Jeremy Kyle. I always watch it, so it's a bit weird to be one minute watching it and the next on the show.'

Whatever next, the stars of Holby on Songs of Praise?

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