Planet X-Factor

Not happy with The X-Factor being a British TV phenomenon and sister show American Idol not doing too shabby across the pond either, Simon Cowell has revealed he wants karaoke global domination, next stop Las Vegas.

Talking to GQ, the talent spotting genius behind Robson & Jerome and The Teletubbies said he’s working with his business partner Sir Philip Green to make a show which everyone on the planet can watch.

‘I like the model of what Bernie Ecclestone has done with Formula 1’ said Syco rubbing hands with glee, ‘the Singapore race is as good as the French race is as good as the English race.’

Sir Philip added: ‘The plan is to take it to Vegas, I'm not going to tell you with who, but the CEO of the venue is coming to see us next week. We'll have a permanent place, likely to be Caesar's Palace. The home of X Factor - live from Las Vegas! We'll have a store. And it'll all be online. You have 20, 30, 40 million people tuning in twice a week.’

‘You bring two or three hundred million viewers to a venue - off we go! It's taking it up a peg. The rest of the world is Part Two.’

Erm, isn't this called a dictatorship?

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