Plan B to star in Sweeney film

Some of you might be old enough to remember hard-edged 70s cop drama The Sweeney, in which Inspector Morse and Terry from Minder whizzed around London, scowling and shouting a lot, while banging up dangerous criminals and ahem, doing something similar with the ladies. It was pretty cool, if incredibly sexist.

Anyway a new film version is being made, and current man of the moment Ben Drew – AKA Rap/soul sensation PlanB – is due to take the role of George Carter – AKA Terry from Minder – starring alongside everyone’s favourite cockney thesp, Ray Winstone.

‘I'm very excited about Ben playing Carter - he brings an intelligence and sensitivity that is crucial for The Sweeney,’ said director Nick Love. ‘Ben is also one of the most promising and multi-talented young performers around. For me, Ray and Ben are the ultimate casting for a character driven action thriller set in London today.’

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