Pixie's new 'career'

Pixie Geldof has not exactly garnered herself a wonderful reputation in celebrity-land. Perhaps unfairly tarnished by the awfulness of her sister Peaches, Pixie is seen as an equally lightweight party-goer, who spends her life traipsing around the Kings Road and Dalston Kinsgland with orange hair and a 'sloane/punk' attitude. Well, rid yourself of your preconceptions, as appazza Pixie is a talented singer who may well become the UK's er, if not Gaga, then possibly Kei$ha...

A Vogue reporter gave the lowdown on Pixie's singing efforts, 'We were bowled over; inside a Pixie’s frame lurks a giant voice. Guests – including Noel Fielding, Nick Grimshaw and of course, Sir Bob (who pushed his way to the front so he could take pictures) – supped on delicious Belvedere passionfruit cocktails while listening to Pixie sing her heart out.'

A record company insider reveals that the party girl could end up bagging a recording contract, 'She has been working in the studio for the past month to try and convince the big wigs that she's got what it takes. She surprised everyone, as she actually has a good voice. Coupled with her high profile and rock-chick image, they think she could have a real chance of making it. They feel she could be a success with the right guidance, although there is talk that she would have to tone down her partying image — as the general record-buying public might find it hard to relate to a society girl.'

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