Pixie Lott treats lucky students to intimate performance

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In a surreal event, Pixie Lott popped into a school in Bromley and performed 3 songs for star struck students in assembly. Lott is from Bromley and chose to treat students to some rocking pop numbers.

Ravens Wood School was the lucky venue as Pixie entertained in an improvised schoolgirl outfit. Lott does have a new single on the way soon called Nasty which is highly anticipated.

It was not your typical pop star publicity stunt though where she was just trying to sell a few more records. The performance was organised in aid of Cardiac Risk in the Young in order to raise awareness of cardiac issues among youth.

Cardiac Risk in the Young, or CRY for short, aims to provide compulsory cardiac screening for school going children and adolescents. CRY says 12 young people die every year from undetected heart defects and many of them have no visible health issues and they believe regular screenings could prevent these deaths.

Speaking about CRY and the work they do Pixie said “It affects so many young people and it’s crazy that a seemingly fit and young person can just drop down dead. I think it’s important to spread the word.”

Pixie was such a good sport that she even stayed on stage to answer dozens of questions from students after performing. CRY's founder Allison Cox showed her appreciation for Pixie's contribution to raising awareness of cardiac issues by saying Alison Cox MBE, said: “I think it’s absolutely amazing Pixie supports us – it’s fantastic for schools and tremendous for the charity”.

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