Pixie Lott and the C list grace the Shard opening

The supposedly glitzy, celeb-studded opening of the View From The Shard atop London’s new glassy edifice to glorious economic success (OK, the timing is a bit off) turned out to be not quite the starry event that it should have been.

Some perfectly acceptable examples of the celebrity C-list showed up for the occasion, but the wow factor was missing, which was a pity, because the blingy architecture of the Shard, the tallest building in western Europe, really demands some divas and Hollywood excess to set off its extravagant modernist lines.

Perky popster Pixie Lott called down most of the Daily Mail’s bitchy wrath for having the temerity to opt for a yellow dress that they decided did not go with her skin tone. That’s her career on the slide then.

They had to pick on someone, because of the dearth of true star quality prepared to show up on a chilly January night to party at the top of a building. TV presenters Ben Fogle and Dan Snow weren’t exactly the stuff of sensational headlines, while rapper Example is beyond the cultural reach of most tabloid readers. Nobody appeared to have bothered to dress up for the occasion, with Snow in pink shirt and jeans as if he was popping out for a pint.

Perhaps the lack of star quality was appropriate. There is something a little awkward about London flaunting its latest jewel, where apartments are on offer at around £50 million apiece, when the rest of the country is cowering in a triple-dip recession due in no small part to the reckless speculation of City bankers.

Pixie tweeted that she loved the place and couldn’t wait to come back to stay. Sorry love, but a pop star’s earnings these days do not quite cut it in the world of the super-rich. In fact it might even be a stretch to pay for the tour, which costs a hefty £24.95 for adults, just to take in the views.

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