Pissed as a lord

How often do you manage really long eloquent sentences when you've had a skinful? Take heed from Josh Herdman, a master in the craft. Oh, sorry, you don't know who he is? An introduction: 'I am regular cast member in the biggest movie franchise in cinema history and you will NOT speak to me like that!'

The shouty actor from a certain Harry Potter franchise earned himself a Sun splash today after a drunken '48 hour' binge which ended with him in an ambulance.

Herdman, who plays bully Gregory Goyle in the films, was paid to appear at a Danish Collectormania conference. However, he got stuck into the mini-bar on the plane and arrived legless; he breathed alcohol all over fans who asked for his autograph, and when staff tried to reprimand him, he let them know exactly who he was. (See above.)

He was later found with his trousers round his ankles and a 'mystery blonde' straddling him before ambulance staff carted the loon away. Herdman blamed his booziness on a fear of flying (good one Goyle, original.)

We're seriously starting to like the Harry Potter cast. Every day they're up to more tabloid mischief-making. What next, Hermione throwing up in public after eating too many sweets?

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