Pippa's single again!

Pippa Middleton has split from her boyfriend Alex Loudon after what friends describe as a "series of rows".

The 27-year-old is reportedly seeking comfort from her sister Kate and the Duke of Cambridge.

An un-named friend told The Sun: "Pippa tried to get over the split by spending last weekend with Wills and Kate at Balmoral.

"She and Alex split briefly in the summer — but this time it's over. They are barely speaking."

Pippa and Alex, an ex-cricketer, had been together for a year and a half. Just three weeks ago there were reports that Alex was looking at engagement rings, and they were pictured embracing outside a charity boxing function last month.

Pippa's celebrity rocketed at the Royal Wedding when she stepped out in that Alexander McQueen figure-hugging bridesmaid dress.

Alex was said to be uncomfortable with Pippa's new found status as a sex symbol and reports that she engaged in flirtations with Prince Harry and an ex-boyfriend, George Percy.

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