Pip makes the breast of it

The usually placid world of daytime telly yesterday erupted in a blaze of prurient anger and fury after This Morning invited a lady called 'Chelsea Charms' onto the show, who has the world's largest bosoms - measuring 164 XXX.

Earlier in the day, Pip had tweeted, 'The lady with the mahooooosive boobs has arrived! Everyone trying to keep their eyes up... and failing.' But once the well-endowed guest arrived on the show, people (well, telly watching mums) weren't impressed. They complained in their thousands, one saying, 'Can't believe you had this woman on your show - it's a disgrace.' While another ranter typed, 'It's meant to be daytime TV, not a porno. My son was off school sick today and he was disgusted.' Mum Clare Marie Sparkes complained, 'It's awful, my 5 year old's comment was 'she has a big tummy'.

We don't want to be rude but...have you heard of remote controls, or even (radical thought) not watching daytime TV?

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