Pint puller Wino

It’s been a quiet couple of months for Amy Winehouse and the tabloids; last year she (and her dope of an ex-husband) couldn’t spend a single day without doing something to get them in the papers, but 2010 has so far been a tranquil affair. Where’s the heroin Amy? And what about the punch-ups and unflattering skeletal photos?

Yesterday she fulfilled the first part of that bargain, by rowing with a punter in The Dublin Castle in Camden, north London, after he mocked her ability to pull pints. The cheeky bugger. Wino had been putting in a stint behind the bar, serving people their tipple, when one customer said: ‘At least she's quicker at pulling pints than she is at writing songs,’ causing her to come round the bar, give him an earful and not give him his change. The scandal.

‘Apart from that one spat she was on pretty good form,’ said some bloke drinking in the pub to The Sun. ‘She agreed to pull pints to keep the management happy. She was pretty quick behind the bar although she got a few orders wrong. She gave people vodka when they asked for gin.’

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