Pigs might just fly

Weeeeell – this is something we really didn’t think we’d see. Not a flat-chested Jordan, not a sober Amy Winehouse – no, not even a classy Kerry Katona. This one is eeeeeeeven stranger: Victoria Beckham shopping at a discount store. And it’s not even an advert – she is actually there of her own choice, turning her back on designer garb, looking for some great bargains.

The skinny star was seen shopping in US budget store Target and there wasn’t a tight-fitting outfit in sight. Posh is walking around with her three boys, wearing ripped jeans and an old grey t-shirt. Ooh dear... we fear all is not well in Poshland. Especially as last week she was seen in the same outfit... twice! We hate to see her like this! Is she homesick in America? What’s going on with Mrs Beckham?

Next she’ll be ditching her killer heels for bare feet and shaving her head in tattoo parlours. Come on Vix, we want to see you back to your old self!

(Image: from YouTube)

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