Piers tells Cheryl 'you should have dated me'

Piers Morgan has been mouthing off again, in his usual self-promoting way. The worst aspect of these supposedly hilarious off-the-cuff comments, is that we suspect he secretly believes them. The latest bon mot is that Cheryl should have dated ruddy-faced 45 year old Morgan, instead of Cole.

Piers told the Sun The Sun: 'I kept warning her about him saying he's not the guy for you Cheryl, you should be with someone more six foot one, called Piers. I think the way that Cheryl Cole has rebuilt her life since the toilet attendant incident and become one of the biggest stars in the country and the way she's changed the way she behaves is a great credit to her.'

Yes, and we're sure that Cheryl's delighted that you've resurrected toilet-gate, Piers...

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