Piers Moron

It hasn't been a vintage week for Piers, though his new CNN show debuted with a good audience share for his interview with Oprah, his subsequent meetings with Condeleeza Rice and George Clooney have been at best bland, and at worst, hand in fist cringeworthy. And now poor Piers has discovered that he's been scooped. Turns out, Oprah has a secret half-sister.

Piers tweeted, 'Damn and blast, you're all absolutely right, I should have asked @Oprah: 'Got any secret half-sisters called Pat we don't know about? Fail.' To be fair to Piers, the 'revelation' that Oprah had a half-sister took place on her own show, so the scoop was never likely to be handed to the boasting Brit. On her show, Oprah said, 'Yes, it is true. It is true that my mother is also Patricia's birth mother. That means Patricia is my half sister who I never knew existed.'

Before the interview, Morgan was confident, nay smug, that his interview was pretty top notch, 'Everyone has interviewed Oprah over the years. Is my interview as good as the ones that have been done before? She thought so. I guarantee you’ll enjoy this one.'

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