Piers Morgan not interested in Goldenballs

Becks is hardly the chattiest, or most inspirational chat show guest in the world, but lets face it, he's a ratings winnner. Well Piers Morgan obviously couldn't use the viewers because he's banned him from his show.

The reason Morgan isn't bothered about Becks is because he can't look at him without thinking what he's been up to with a member of Morgan's own family. Rebecca Loos, the woman Goldenballs allegedly porked behind Posh's back is Piers' second cousin by marriage.

Talking to The Sun about the tenuous link, Morgan said: "I’ve never met David Beckham but I’m not in a trance about him like everybody else. My first question would be, ‘What did you do with my cousin?’ I know more about it than he might like!"

Well Piers, here's a thing. Maybe David Beckham isn't all that bothered about coming on your show to make small talk anyway; he's busy washing his hair, or getting paid millions to do other much more lucrative things than talk about his his boring life, like sponsoring marker pens, or hanging out in Milan looking attractive. So there.

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